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Art Direction - Freak Boy - Kenneth A. Larson

I acted as Production Design, Set Design, Set Decorator, and Special Effects. After over a month of preparation, this student film was canceled the day before we began shooting. All I have to show is paperwork.

Note: These images are presented here for portfolio purposes only. These images are not available for sale or to be given away in hard copy or digitally in any scale. I will be happy to show hard-copy during a legitimate job interview for Art Director.

Prop list
This was loosely a period piece, late 1950s to early 1960s.
We had a relatively large number of sets for a student film; six
interiors and six exteriors. Because of this, the dressing list was extensive.
I had shopped for all the props and dressing, mostly from three prop houses.

Spread Sheet
Spread sheet in Excel of prop rental and other costs.

Director drawing of bedroom set
I made director drawings and maps to locations. AutoCAD © R14
Special  J
I started this graphics for a product on the kitchen table to be used in the second week. When the show was canceled, I set it aside until I finished it for The Continuing Adventures of Kid Dynamo. Photoshop V5 and Illustrator V8.
Color study
Color studies in marker. Color themes were important to the Director on this film.

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